Province A11

"There must be more to this provincial map!"

  1. Let's keep those changes flowin'

    • Moved small health pack at the beginning of the map
    • Added a shed around A to help defenders
    • Moved pickups around A
    • Added a wooden platform to make travelling to B quicker for Blu and to assist Red players in not getting stuck in precarious situations
    • Widened staircase area inside of overhang building.
    • Added signage to help Red players navigate from their first spawn to A.
    • Tweaked respawn times to help Red players defend C.
    • Added a wooden platform to help Red players defend C.
    • Rearranged tall building to make it harder for Blu players to enter.
    • Slightly raised height of water at D to make exiting the water easier.
    • Miscellaneous changes.
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