Ponye A5c

Industrial-themed map, inspired by Foundry and Powerhouse.


    Blu's spawn was dun goofed.
  2. I'm such a goof.

    Fixed some of RED's textures/skins being in BLU's swamp.
  3. Whops

    Why are BLU doors so broken ;-(
  4. Another One

    Another big (and game-changing!) update to TF2's worst map.

    • Broke up the sightline between mid and the courtyards.
    • Added sexy textures
    • Made a mini-sniping deck area that is 1/2 as high as the normal deck
    • Made the point on a raised brush
    • Made the raised brush connect to the mini-deck via a bridge
    • Other changes i'm to lazy to mention.
  5. Whoops!

    Fixed a major bug that didn't allow BLU to leave spawn.
  6. The Biggie Updoot

    I changed a few things, and probably destroyed my maps already nonexistent aesthetic while at it.

    - Opened up some walls & replaced them with fencing to make the map feel less confined.
    - Opened up the sniping deck to increase the sanity of players
    - Turned the long corridor into a room
    - Removed the long hallway that lead to the corridor room.
    - Opened up the left path
    - Other changes that i'm too lazy to explain
  7. final version of A3 I swear

    found some leaks & patched them, along with some other very minor changes.
  8. Fixed some things

    Fixed some props from levitating above ground.
  9. Fixed some things

    Fixed some things that I missed in A3.
  10. Version A3

    Changed several things in this map, with most of the changes relating to mid.

    - added a "sniping deck" that can be accessed through the corridor.
    - moved the location of the deck (previously located at the corners of mid) towards the center of mid.
    - changed the staircase to better suit this new location.
    - made the route that previously lead to the control point lead to the deck.
    - made the route's door 2-way, instead of 1-way.
    - removed func_nobuild from the route's slope.
    - added an...