Multi Stage Pollution A8

Re-pollute the enemy!

  1. Dr. Orange
    Pollution is my first ever attempt at a multistage payload map. I've learned from my misstakes with Basetown, and have looked at multiple official payload maps trying to learn what makes a map fun. Currently, only the first stage is in the works, with the second and third stage being added later on.

    Let me hear what you think needs to be improved. All helpful advice is welcome!

    Map by Dr. Orange.

    pl_pollution_s1_a80000.jpg pl_pollution_s1_a80001.jpg pl_pollution_s1_a80002.jpg pl_pollution_s1_a80003.jpg pl_pollution_s1_a80004.jpg pl_pollution_s1_a80005.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Update Alpha 8
  2. Alpha 7!
  3. Update Alpha 6.