plr_ngml A2

A map my friend requested me to make.

  1. Johnny1023
    This map is basically 'payloadrace_notgraymannslab_versionnumber'
    The gist is to compete against the opposing team to blow up Gray Mann's Lab before he devises another MVM attack.

    NOTE, PLEASE READ: I version my maps differently from others, I version my maps as Test* before making them alpha, and any update can be rated 'Stage,Number,Optional'.
    T: testing (e.g. Ver.1-Ver.4)
    BE: bleeding edge (e.g. Ver.5-NextVer.0)

    Not much, still in alpha.

    Detailed playable plr gameplay,
    Uneven tracks lengths (my friend told me to brand this as original),
    Almighty Dev textures,
    3D Skybox,
    A truck,
    A secret.

    Change the lab to be in a neighbourhood, and to make it viable as a BLU sniper tower to counter RED,

    Unfair for BLU, as there's a sniper tower specifically to camp BLU,
    Expand 3D Skybox.

    Please suggest ideas for future versions of this map.
    Please advice and notice me of any issues, bugs, or problems.]
    Do Not send useless ideas or any that's impossible/beyond my abilities.
    Do Not spam/troll.