pl_watercontrol a5

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pl_watercontrol a5

Payload map set in water control station

Some screenshots for you.
First release
Last update

Latest updates

  1. Minor fixes

    I forgot to check the "clients" flag in trigger_teleport options so you would still get stuck in spawn. If I had to make some changes, I used the opportunity to fix few other things aswell. Nothing big.
  2. Big layout changes, tons of changes & fixes.

    Previously mentioned update. Decided to compile it today. - still unoptimized well - fixed getting stuck in spawns - adjusted HDR settings, fixed map being too bright - fixed receiving fall damage when coming out of red first spawn - made water...
  3. Major spawn changes & other stuff, quick update before gameday

    - added forward spawn for RED team on 1st point, reduced walk time and made it less confusing - reduced RED respawn times after 1st and 2nd point capture - added textures on certain doors informing you they don't open yet - added more cover prop...

Latest reviews

really like the style and layout of the map. however, it is very easy to spam into first spawn, and red height advantage over the cart makes it difficult to push out of 1st. last is also overly difficult to defend. overall one of my favorite maps. well done