72hr pl_supply_complex_b1v2 b1v2

A four point payload map with a tank that destorys obstructions, deliver the tank to the vault

  1. pl_supply_complex_b1v2

    ❆ WhitelightningTwister ❆
  2. pl_supply_complex_b1v1

    ❆ WhitelightningTwister ❆
    Reupload with pack, forgot pack
  3. pl_supply_complex_b1v1

    ❆ WhitelightningTwister ❆
    Major layout change near the end, added more background areas, lowered ceilings in areas to make it feel better
  4. pl_supply_complex_a4

    ❆ WhitelightningTwister ❆
    Added more cover, added more height and areas for enemys to get height advantage, altered blue start area, and red last, added new door frames to areas to add more cover. improved apon some bad sight lines