pl_spacewar B29

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pl_spacewar B29

Tug of War In Space!

There are some of you who are die hard warpath players, there are some of you who are die hard payload players so with that in mind:

I present to you SpaceWar!!

It combines all the best parts of warpath and payload gameplay into a single tug-of-war style map. The battleground that you will be fighting on is an asteroid deep in the vales of space itself.

Be warned though, the map has variable gravity and if you're not careful you will die in space.

The map contains a lot of custom features including the payload model and textures to really make it an out of this world experience.

First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Version B29 is released

    Hopefully fixed the spawn bug that occured in b28 when I recoded the map over to this new logic format. Map should be good now.
  2. Version B28 is released

    Fixed the bug of the payload cart disappearing at the end of the map
  3. Version B27 is Released

    Well it's been a long time coming but here it is - the biggest change to the Tug of War (TOW) game mode in TF2 History! And that change is was made because TOW is notorious for stalemates - well NO MORE! This TOW gameing logic is now based on...

Latest reviews

A really cool addition the the catalogue of Tug of War maps that is steadily growing! Would love to see this map get into the game someday, even if it stalemates to hell sometimes :P