pl_spacewar B26

Tug of War In Space!

  1. B26 is released

    - fixed non-alligned doors
    - removed an old trigger that caused blue players to be teleported back to an old spawn (this was leftover coding from when it was version <=16) We never caught it until now.
    - fixed some clipping and displacement issues
    - recpompiled the custom payload model to help with clipping ad/or shooting thru it issues
  2. Version B25 is released


    - Got rid of the teleporter to tower room
    - Got rid of the tunnel underground
    - Got rid of the access door to the tunnel leading to the tower complex

    - Added in Door beneath the tower complex that is a part of a new flanking route that goes directly from bridge area to the tower complex - battles and flanking much more direct and more inside away from the low grav exterior. Attacker can build anything in it Defenders - only sentry guns can go into certain areas but tele's and...
  3. B24 is re-released

    Hi peeps,

    Now that the map is no longer in the contest - here's the most recent version again for your viewing/playing pleasure!

  4. Contest Entry Rollback

    Dang - When I made the changes to remove two of the cap points for you guys because it's what you wanted, I completely missed the fact that it would remove an element for the R03 contest.

    I am reverting the download back to version 16 for the contest

    Sorry about the confusion.

    Please judge this version
  5. B24 is released

    RO3 - last map fix

    - changed medium health kit a location X to match the small health kit at location Y - to that both sides of this mirrored type map is correctly balanced on both sides. said med kit was in a major combat zone and the extra health could cause an imbalance or unfair advantage for one team over he other.

    That's it - no more changes - change made at the below time and is within the 48 hour bug window

  6. Version B23 is released

    R03 Contest Entry - bug fixe

    - increased size of nobuild so people can't grief by placing tele exit next to the catapult that launches you upwards
    - added in nobuild in front of teleporter booth - potential for abuse - i.e. tele exit next to the tele entrance to the tower could enable a player to go straight from spawn to the tower via this logic: player leaves spawn, stands on tele entrance, exits, bounding box of player hits the tele trigger for the tower and immediately gets tele'd to...
  7. B22 is released

    This is the final version

    - fixed an exploit found on the version 21 test
    - fixed a visual error on one of the forcefields - a shadow box was appearing for some reason.

    Thais will be my contest entry - no further changes unless someone posts of finds a MAJOR error.
  8. B21 is released

    this is the final test before entry into the R03 Contest
  9. Version 20a is released

    - Finally found the cause of some doors acting erratically - somehow a close trigger got place onto a func_build brush - all doors working correctly now.
  10. Version B20 is released

    Hi Guys,

    Unless someone finds some major errors in the map, this will most likely be my RO3 Contest Entry and I'd like to say thanks for all the help - your feedback has been invaluable :)

    Here's what been changed for B20

    - the trigger hurts in the tunnels have been replaced by func_nobuilds that will toggle on/off as needed. My original goal was to keep players from camping out in them and building stuff - this solves that problem without having to penalize players by killing them.