pl_spacewar b8

Tug of War In Space!

  1. Version B8 is released


    This is not a contest entry.

    - found the cause (or so I hope) why blue was spawning inthe wrong room part way through the match - lol took me two hours of bot watching
    - on attacking team capturing bunker - computer room acces door wii now open with arrows indicating the upper router better - bots actually started using it.
    - put a protective cover over 1 ammo/health kit so defenders can't using it buring an attackers push
    - rebuilt last attackers spawn so everyone will strt out...
  2. B7 is released



    I think I have all the bugs worked out of it :)

    Did some more optimization work also made sure the map is properly packed this time

    Edit: Map is STILL bugged with one spawn room - will try to fix today
  3. Version B6 is released


    Nothing visual map is essentiall the same - although this time I think we have a winner < or at least much better in terms of gameplay.

    - I fixed the bug that caused you guys to get stuck in that spawn room, when I recoded the entire spawn teleportation system and forgot to disable those two (red/blue) starting spawn rooms. They are now disabled and if for some reason they act up again the triggers are one way to open the doors, something I also missed on the last update.

  4. Version B5C is released

    Special Thanks to Nesman for his suggestion of occluders and hint/skips to optimize map better. Framerates have gone from 65-75 to 150-299 dependeing where you are in the map.

    Other than that - enjoy! Enjoy the colours too!
  5. Version B5 is released

    Here's an update for you - not sure if it qualifies for my contest entry but no matter.


    Based on your feedback -

    - made the trigger edge that sucks you up into the void more easily seen with ! signs and warning light spinners
    - mid section size has been reduced a fair amount and slightly redesigned, new flanking route to the cliff added in and if you fall off the bridge and into the trench you now die in space as well - you're welcome! :)
    - have reworked the spawn rooms and...
  6. B4 is released

    Thanks for the play test the other night - I loved watching ERK fly around the map as a demoman in the low gravity in the demo movie.

    B4 Changelog:

    - I noticed that hardly anyone used the downstairs tunnels so I removed them. I then replaced them with a much shorter side tunnel to the second cap point as a flanking router beside the main tunnel. This should also solve the problem of having the opposite team getting behind you. Access to this tunnel is controled by cart position at the top...
  7. Version B3 Released

    Oh Boy!! Where do I start?!!!

    Ok based upon previous playtests and your comments, I have made the following changes:

    - I have rebuilt the area around the second cap point for both teams (as this is a mirroed map).
    - The rebuild is the addition of a control booth complex that will allow the attacking team to hold and build up ubers, etc.
    - this build has three entrances - one from the cap point for the defending team, one for the attacking team and to keep defenders from becoming...
  8. Version B2a released


    - Since there was an issue the repawn wave times i.e. 24 seconds even though no wave time was originally in the map, I have since added one and made it 1 second - hopefully this will stop whatever was causing the 24 second long thing.
    - deleted a lot of the cameras as requested, I also triggered them to enable disable depending what side of the map you are on i.e. if on blue side no need to see red's cameras
    - fixed the one cap point alert sound
    - added in more ambient sounds,...