pl_smallworld a4

Because Trainyard Was Too Big

  1. Version a4:

    Charlie 2
    Removed Dev Textures In The Spawns, Changed The Cart.
  2. Version a3:

    Charlie 2
    Added A Few Props, Added Heath And Ammo Packs.
  3. Version a2:

    Charlie 2
    Removed Most Of The Dev Textures.
  4. Version a1

    Charlie 2
    20180625172843_1.jpg 20180625172848_1.jpg 20180625172911_1.jpg 20180625172918_1.jpg 20180625172926_1.jpg 20180625172936_1.jpg 20180625172942_1.jpg 20180625172950_1.jpg 20180625172954_1.jpg 20180625173000_1.jpg 20180625173006_1.jpg 20180625173012_1.jpg