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pl_drumwalk b2

My take on push the cart into the big pit!

  1. It's not shit anymore!

    Big shoutout to yoyoyo for helping me a ton! I'm still new to all this, so thank you for all feedback!
  2. I'm in beta!

    I don't have too good a clue what to do in what order for beta mapping/testing, so all im doing is the best I can! I've looked through most of the detailing guides on tf2maps, but none of them seem to start from step 1 of detailing and optimization. Any and all advice will help!
  3. getting close to the end of alpha!

    I raised the roof, added another flank at 2nd, and decided I'm just going to polish the gameplay up a little more, and move onto the detailing; I need to learn and figure out what it takes!
  4. Changes and fixes!

    you shouldn't get stuck in the spawn doors anymore, I added a flank on 2nd and expanded one on third, as well as a few other minor changes
  5. getting close to beta, small tweaks added!

    The biggest changes other than doing a little more detailing is that the 3rd and 2nd points were both pushed forward. Thank you for everyone who has given feedback or played!
  6. more minor changes

    balance, errors, leaks, and everything!
  7. Big aesthetic overhaul, and minor changes!

    I've made some slight balance changes to last and first, but I completely rebuilt the lighting, skybox, displacements, and spawns! Everything should work much better, and have less issues during testing, to allow for more gameplay-focused tweaks going forward!
  8. I need to check my maps over better

    also slight changes
  9. Balance, and the start of some red/blu texturing

    I changed p much every point, and increase4d the map brightness
  10. I cleaned something up!