pl_cliff edge a7v2c

Its A payload map close to a cliff -edge. get it? thats where the name comes from.

  1. another small update hopefully the last for a7

    In this version
    *added a third red spawn room close to point C because Red team had a really hard time defending that point. ( the spawn is outside the building )
    *fixed some issues such as the func_respawnroom for blu team at their second spawn didnt work. ( now it does lol )
    *added a sniper model at first red spawn so as to balance it for both teams. ( the blue engie at first blue spawn was a distraction and now there is something like that for red team as well )

    Hey ya all!...
  2. a rather smaller update

    in this version:
    *fixed a few bugs and errors
    *added some more clip to prevent people from getting inside a detail area near point B ( outside red's spawn )
    *added 2 health packs to last point ( one medium and one small ) so as to help the attackers a bit.
    *moved the small mark on point C that indicates when the second exit from cellar opens. ( to find why look at the notes )
    * removed the small rollback spot on last point.

    And now here are a few changes / fixes and images i forgot to...
  3. after 8 months in development hopefully it will be worth the wait

    hey yo we got to go. It's me bill-man? Bill-boy? anyway.... After 8 months i have finally decided to release a7v2 which i have been working since december i think.
    Here are the changes :

    Point C has been kinda reworked.


    * changed the cellar flank to be more viable. now inside the cellar there is a small room that you can hide - take cover if you have to.
    * the exit and the staircase from the cellar has been widened so as to make the cellar a lot more viable and not a...
  4. bug fixes and improvements.

    In this version:
    * the scout on first blue spawn was removed. (happy now? jk)
    *added more clipping
    *fixed some general issues and bugs based on feedback
    *the 2 main doors on Point C now only Open once like they used to before.
    *a door on point C is larger now.
    *light was added on last red spawnroom.

    i wanted to release a small update like this one just to make the experience of playing the map a bit better while i am working on the map.
    Thanks for all the great comments i received...
  5. An Huge Update to the entire map

    in this version :

    Point A
    * First point Was Improved.
    * I redone the first blue spawn so now its an actual spawn.
    * some buildings on point A were changed.
    * The mining Area/flank of point A was redone.
    20171118212111_1.jpg 20171118212120_1.jpg 20171118212127_1.jpg 20171118212130_1.jpg 20171118212138_1.jpg 20171118212143_1.jpg
    Point B.
    * i did almost nothing.
    * i just "painted" the displacements to look good.

    Point C
    * i redone the second small...
  6. Improvement and Fixes.

    In this version:
    *Fixed some Small Issues.
    *Added some More Lighing Around the map.
    *added more area portal.
    *added a door which will close after blue caps point 3 which door prevents them from going leaving there spawn and going to the wrong direction.
    *(if we count the fix version) the broken door on point C which was blocking the cart was fixed.
    *added the teleport trigger which will teleport all players that are on first red spawn to the second spawn.

    on the next version i will...
  7. fixed a bug where the cart would stuck outside point C building.

    in this version:
    i fixed the bug on the title.
  8. Huge Improvement To Point B

    20170919222237_1.jpg 20170919222241_1.jpg 20170919222248_1.jpg 20170919222255_1.jpg 20170919222322_1.jpg 20170919222336_1.jpg 20170919222237_1.jpg 20170919222241_1.jpg 20170919222248_1.jpg 20170919222255_1.jpg In this Version :
    * Point B Was Almost completely redone. (reason: the previous second was uninteresting to play on.)
    * The Path To get from Point B --> C Was Changed.
    * Added some clip to some areas.
    *the way to...
  9. back to alpha version + new last + many improvements

    in this version:

    *last was redone.
    *first point's buildings were changed.
    *detailed some small places on the map.
    *fixed some issues with the map.
    *added more clip.
    20170824183435_1.jpg 20170824183440_1.jpg 20170824183444_1.jpg 20170824183457_1.jpg 20170824183503_1.jpg


    1. 20170824183508_1.jpg
    2. 20170824183524_1.jpg
  10. new last and some chages.

    in this version of the map:
    *i redone last.
    *the second and third blue spawn was moved a bit futher back each.
    *changed some things based on community feedback.
    *added some textures on point 3.
    *added a new spawn for red team at point 3.
    *added more clip etc.

    it tooks me a long time to redo the last point and i hope it works fine if it doesnt which i am almost sure i doesn't cause i played the map some times with bots in order to see how the map works if anything is wrong and stuff i...