pl_badwater_pro v11

An edit to pl_badwater to address competitive concerns with the map.

  1. leprecan
    BLU Forward.jpg BLU Forward Inside.jpg 20170902125048_1.jpg RED Stairwell.jpg 20170902125115_1.jpg Changes include:
    - A sightline blocking fence facing the alley leading to B.
    - A new forward spawn location for BLU on capping B.
    - Widened catwalks outside of lunchbox leading towards C.
    - Walls shifted to increase space in Under on the route to C.
    - Alternate door into Boiler from BLU forward spawn. (Thanks Aero!)
    - Stairs to the Engineer nest at C have had nobuild added.

    - Lots of small quality of life changes to clipping and spawn positions

    Thanks for all the feedback coming out of the map's weeks in play! I greatly appreciate all the PM's, even the little stuff matters a lot!

    Credit for this map is shared with Aero for letting me develop an alternate pl_badwater_pro with some of his changes included! This wouldn't have gotten off the ground without his help.

    While testing is primarily concerned with gameplay at the moment, map optimization took a hit during the revamp. If you or your teammates experience excessive framerate issues, large framerate drops etc. please mention where on the map, preferably with a screenshot and it will be pushed into priority.

    Focus is currently on balance for C, with some smaller changes on B. This focus may shift during the iteration process based on feedback.
    Thanks a ton to whoever plays it, I'd be happy to take STV demos and POV demos for review, as well as screenshots of any issues you find.

    Feedback is welcome!

Recent Reviews

  1. Avaray
    Version: v9
    I agree with Robobenklein.
  2. Robobenklein
    Version: v9
    Wouldn't play normal badwater again. Improvements here are not just for competitive, but should be for everyone.