pl_antimatter B4

A tug-of-war map set on a space station

  1. Uploaded B4 BSP

    Uploaded B4 bsp so discord bot can load for testing
  2. B4 - is now out and properly packed

    Ok peeps thanks for being patient but I think I finally got it!

    For some reason, this that or the other the map wasn't packing properly and it now seems to be properly packed up for all the custom content.

    Enjoy and if anyone sees anything wrong with the packing - please let me know.
  3. B3 Update

    Unlike my B2 Version - this one is packed with all the custom textures, models, nav file for bots, etc

  4. included nave file in the zip

    reloaded the b2 zip folder to include a nav file for those who wanted to play with bots
  5. B2 Update

    Fixed a couple of mis-aligned textures.

    Fixed one spawnroom door to always allow players out but not neccessarily back in depending on cart location

    Added in timer modification to add in 30 seconds at two more points to increase the chance opposite team capture and complete the round.
  6. Version Beta 1 Released

    Version Beta 1 is now released


    - arrows now point the way to the cart
    - hud hints are also added in to help players know where the cart is
    - modifications made to reactor rooms allowing for big battles/chokes and engy set ups
    - track that the cart rides on top of completely redone to fit in more with the sci-fi look
    - modifications to red or blue bridge capture points made to separate the payload track to lesson confusion for players as to which way the cart is realy moving and...
  7. Version A4 is released

    Based on A3 gameplay tetsing feedback A4 changes are:

    • directional arrows point to the cart - no longer ugly and look like cyrstals and no collision so you won't get stuck on them
    • removed most custom textures
    • checked all health / ammo packs - they now give proper outputs
    • Middle bridge will stay open - this is my total carnage playground :)
    • Arrowballs now player clipped
    • Tele exits will now group players together on exit
    • modified both 2nd spawn rooms easier for...
  8. Version A3 is released

    Ok - a big update for you.

    - removed all dynamic signs - no more sign spam
    - replaced the above using a dynamic pointer system using dynamic_light and func_brush
    - you now have arrows around the map in various places that point to where the cart is exactly < really helps you navigate to where you need to go.

    A special note of thanks goes out to Coding Ethan who was finally able to put together a working version for me to use/modify - see this thread for how it...
  9. A2 - now packed and ready to go

    My apologies peeps, I forgot to pack the map - map now packed - if you have already downloaded, just replace the bsp files :)

    Same version # A2
  10. Version A2 is released

    Nothing in the way of new screenshots but here's what's new:

    - thanks to your help, I fixed the issue of the payload cart blowing up at the start of the round
    - announcer bug fixed - she no longer keeps telling you time is added when it isn't.
    - fixed track logic - payload can now be pushed by both teams - from start to finish both ways
    - added in the ammo / health packs
    - added in more directional pointers - want to get some that will point at the cart wherever it is.
    - have included a nav...