Pinch bombcart example map (with model)

Pinch bombcart example map (with model) 2015-08-30

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Pinch bombcart example map (with model) 2015-08-30

Made by Cerulean

March 6, 2009

- Pinch bombcart model
- Cerulean (steam: logantscott)

This is an UNFINISHED release of the pinch bombcart model, with an example hammer map.
I'd still like to change some of the model (like the dispenser, and add animation for the final cp;
and some day maybe, particles).

The example map is a messy copy/paste/edit of the entities from one of valves maps (so be warned).
The end_pit_destroy_relay shows most of what happens on cap.
The cart orientation looks funky in hammer (90 degrees off, can't remember why), but compiles fine.

FYI, if I made the cart into a prefab, it would include the beamer, beam1, beam2, cart_dispenser entities
(and default cart entities like the triggers/prop).

Skins are unfinished. (skins 1 and 2 were added today, for testing)


Extract the materials and models folders to your "\team fortress 2\tf" folder.
Extract the hammer .vmf to your "\sourcesdk_content\tf\mapsrc" folder (or another if preferred).
Do whatever you want with this txt file.
And... I think everything should load fine into hammer.

Materials used:

Red dev texture by Youme (
TF2 banner by vegit0r (

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