T2switch 1.0

Made by Cerulean

  1. Cerulean


    This is a switch I modeled for TF2, based on the switch from the game "Tribes 2."
    There are 3 skins, imitating those from the capture points.

    Sounds are included, along with a prefab. Since sounds can't be played for one team only,
    blue got the 'capture' sound and red got the 'lost' sound.


    Extract the materials and models folders to your "/team fortress 2/tf" folder.
    The t2switch.vmf file is a prefab to get you started.
    The prefab includes sounds and triggers with outputs (fires sound, skin change, trigger enable/disable).

    You could put the prefab in your sourcesdk/bin/orangebox/bin/prefabs folder; then hammer shows it under prefabs...
    or you could just open the vmf with hammer and copy/paste.

    Do whatever you want with this txt file.
    And... I think that's it.

    -Cerulean (steam: logantscott)


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