computer_screen_bank WiP 1.0

Made by Cerulean

  1. Cerulean

    I tried to set this up to skin easily.

    Just be careful if you use it, just in case others use it with their own custom skins (do some renaming or something, and let me know so I can start on releasing a final version).


    This is an UNFINISHED release of the computer_screen_bank model (valve never finished?).

    Skins are closer to being finished? There are 2 now (changes screens).
    The bases were covered quickly (not the highest quality, just for reference).


    Extract the materials and models folders to your "/team fortress 2/tf" folder.
    The .psd files should help to skin the model. Extract them wherever you want...

    The screens were merged into one file.
    Screens file has alpha channel for selfillum (DXT5 compression; alpha, srgb flags checked).
    Base file has no alpha, uses BGR888 (DXT1 might look fine) with srgb flag checked.

    Do whatever you want with this txt file.
    And... I think that's it.

    -Cerulean (steam: logantscott)


    1. computer_screen_bank_2_zpa.jpg
    2. computer_screen_bank_3_0gx.jpg