Pier b23

Blade x64

  1. Blade x64
    Recommended for 12-32 players.

    Pier is a 5-point single-stage payload map set on an island. Features beach, town, and amusement park themes.

    Blu has discovered that Red has purchased a shipment of fireworks for a show when the pier is completed. Taking advantage of the situation, Blu plans to escort a bomb cart to demolish a significant portion of the roller coaster using the fireworks to cover the inevitable explosion.

    Please let me know what you think of the map. Feel free to share your suggestions, complaints and complainments at the Discussion Thread.

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  1. Anti prop cloaking update
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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: b23
    Really interesting and well detailed map ! I like the twists and turns the payload needs to go through. One nitpick is point E - The large rollback ramp makes it very hard for BLU team to push. I would probably make the slope less steep.
  2. Retro_Game_kid
    Version: b23
    map is very well designed and fun but the last point is way too hard to push
  3. [LuNo] KimFareseed -TPF-
    [LuNo] KimFareseed -TPF-
    Version: b20
    Have had many fun games with this map on a community server, the easter egg hunt in the map was a fun challenge too.
  4. Kreg
    Version: b20
    Love this map, always a good map to have in rotation.
  5. Crowbar
    Version: b20
    The map's detailing is EXCELLENT, espically the city, some of metal beams are poor but hey it's awesome overall!
    The gameplay is quite interesting, and the map is so long I loved to ride the cart not doing anything but looking at this beautiful city.
    Ah, and the gimmick at the end, it just fits there.
    One of my favorite maps ever.