Payload Elevator Logic 2018-11-12

Get your hot payload on elevator action here

  1. Blade x64

    Seamless rolling on and off of the payload, forwards and backwards. Designed to work with the ABS single stage payload gametypes.

    Note: You can expand the elevator and pushzone to any size you'd like. Just keep in mind that the elevator's origin will move along the elevator tracks.

    You must set the elevator's trigger_capture_area to use what will be the active control point.
    If this is for multi-stage, save the prefab you want to a new vmf, open in a text editor, and replace the following:
    • "sspl_" -> "mspl_"
    • "_watcher" -> "_watcher1" OR "_watcher2" OR "_watcher3" respective of stage.
    Payload Race:
    • "ssplr_" -> "plr_"
    • "_watcherA" -> "_watcherA" OR "_watcherB" OR "_watcherC" respective of stage.

    You can cleanly duplicate the prefab in the same manner:
    • "minecart_A_" -> "minecart_C_" (B is the downwards lift)
    • "lift_A_" -> "lift_C_"
    For PLR:
    • "blucart_A_" -> "blucart_C_"
    • "blulift_A_" -> "blulift_C_"


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