Petrichor A6

Payload entry for the "Rule of Threes" Microcontest

  1. Alpha 6

    Widened some areas at A just a tad
    Changed medium healthkit in the shack to a full
    More room in the building in the middle of A, with a full ammo and some small health kits.
    Extended the platform out more into the wide flank and added another ramp, replacing a wall

    re-added upper blue entrance into last
    lowered the wide flank, changed the border between it and last itself into a short wall you can go over.
    added a tree you can climb up to the 'middle' floor on defense's side

    did a little...
  2. Alpha 5

    Small tweaks and bug fixes for A.
    Added a little sniper balcony in the back of the area after A point.

    Added more health to B proper, adjusted the attacker side doorway past the railing by B point, added an extra lowground area and walkway across in the back of the area.
    Also added some textures to try and help the area be more distinct.

    Changed up last, left side (attacker's view) is now lowground, wide cliff flank leads there.
  3. Alpha 4b

    small tweaks to A, better route into B, need more testing on C
  4. Alpha 4

    too tired to write rn
  5. Tweaks

    Shifted some geometry to snip some sniper sightlines
    Adjusted respawn wave times at all three points
    Made it harder for red to get lost or confused on their way to the front lines
    Made some tweaks at last to try to give red more of a foothold
    Added some lights and rock backdrops around the tree climb on B to help with team identification
  6. Alpha 3, Petrichor

    Pretty much completely redid the map using a little bit of the original geometry and ideas. Much bigger map overall now
  7. Alpha 2

    Reworked pretty much the entire B point, along with the first half of C.
    Closed up the wet under route from blu spawn to A & B
    Gave defenders a bit more to work wtih on A
    Adjusted blu spawn
    Added soundscapes & spectator cams
    Slightly increased length of final stretch & added a bit more rollback
    Widened the chokes around checkpoint B, added a blu highground above the main one, and moved the alternate route's entrance closer to the main.


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