microcontest 11

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  1. lucky

    Multi Stage lucky_mc11 a1

    I did it. I fixed my map. (thank you @pumpko for a post that highlighted my issue, and thank you @DrSquishy for helping me troubleshoot the other issues). While this was unfortunately not completed in time for the microcontest, I'm releasing the version where logic is actually fixed and will...
  2. Aulli

    Petrichor a9

    Originally made for the 24hr "Rule of Threes" Microcontest. Credits: sky_fever_01, from Dusk 'til Dawn Autumn tree leaves, from Fall Oak Trees A couple natural textures, from Autumnal Content Pack Badger Badger Badger Low Fie
  3. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocrocodile mc11 a3

  4. Itspice

    Itspice MC11 a1

    my submission for the tf2maps 11th microcontest! the theme is: "Rule of Threes", so i decided to make a powerhouse 3cp map with triangles (a 3 sided shape) to make up most of the geometry. the displacements are very janky however, as i had to rush to complete it for the deadline. :/
  5. Tang

    cp_affront a10v4

    A map set in a business front for something sinister!
  6. Funnystuf

    funnystuf_mc11 a1

    My 3cp map for Microcontest 11! I'm tired and I'm sure it's not gonna play well, whoops Content by uhhh Frontline Pack, More Vehicles by FGD5, OwO Pack by Berry, and the Construction Pack I'm gonna go sleep now goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. 14bit

    14bit MC11 A1

    Payload map, made for MC11: Rule of Threes. Offbrand Hoodoo; probably too small.
  8. Kepler

    CP Harve - Originally for Microcontest 11 'Rules of Three' A3

    My map entry for Microcontest 11. I need a name and theme.
  9. 14bit

    Microcontest #11: Rule of Threes (Micro)

    Welcome to Microcontest 11: Rule of Threes ...and if you order now you'll get not one, not two, but three simultaneous contests for the low, low price of free! To honor the start of TF2M's 50th contest, we're running three at once all themed around the number 3. For this microcontest, your...