Paywell A1

The first and probably last payload map of mine.

  1. Mâché
    This is the first payload map I've ever made, and the trouble I went though to produce this first version will most likely lead to me not making another payload map for a long, long time (unless is payload race...maybe).

    It has four capture points, with the second and third points opening and closing doors, kinda like Badwater. It also has a Snowycoast gate after third.

    The name (paywell) is based on the fact that I plan on having the map be themed after if Well, Freight, and Mannhattan had a threesome lovechild.

    2016-03-06_00001.jpg 2016-03-06_00002.jpg 2016-03-06_00003.jpg 2016-03-06_00004.jpg 2016-03-06_00005.jpg 2016-03-06_00006.jpg 2016-03-06_00007.jpg 2016-03-06_00008.jpg