panzerstadt b1

frontline themed tank filled koth map

  1. BETA!

    oh yeah baby, it's comin'!

    -Finally detailed the center building, made a cool hole, may i'll make it explode in the future.

    -changed some textures

    -even maw detailing!

    and that's pretty much anything

    also happy 12 years to TF2!
  2. ab4

    -detailed and applied textures to each team's main house

    -made a cool thing with a hole in the wall

    -moved some barrels

    -minor detailing

    that's it
  3. ab3

    a smaller yet important update

    -changed the access route to the south courtyard, it used to be just a straight open line with sightlines blocked by props. Now it is a small house, the basic structure is really not that changed

    -fix an issue where bloom scale would not go down, now it's functional again.

    -removed the railings on the mid building, they were blocking shots and unnecessary in general.

    -elevated part of the big houses near mid to match the mid house.

    -changed positioning of...
  4. ab2b

    I dont know, man. Errors suddenly, out of fucking nowhere. Im mad and tired
  5. ab2a

    This one is a biggie

    -First, it is pretty clear that I have changed the skybox and enviroment lighting, this is purely my decision as I find the foggy sawmill enviroment too lifeless and boring.

    -Now only one crate drops at the beggining of a round as I changed many of the pickups around the map, mostly removing the many unnecessary ones.

    -The roof is now locked again, it made soldiers and demos too powerful.

    -Added some more details to the skybox and a little gimmic at the end.

  6. ab1a

    ab means like when it's still alpha but you are starting to detail some areas, right? Good, because that's where i'm heading!

    changes include:

    -spawn areas were too cramped, i completely changed the spawnrooms and opened a nice court for players to look around!

    -I recieved a lot of feedback saying there was no highground next to the point, so I elevated the middle building so players cannot crouch jump to retreat.

    -players can now jump on the middle house's roof but no buildings allowed!...
  7. a6e

    huge damn changes this time.

    -with help from some of you guys, i managed to open up the map and break the awful sightline that has been terrorising me since the start.
    -Removed barrels in the hallways and the barrel on the point.
    -Walls dont explode anymore.
    -explosives dont instakill, mines do 100dp and barrels do 200dp

    I hope this time the map is enjoyable.
  8. a5b

    apparently i did not compile with ldr lighting.

  9. a5a

    aight, this is it. It cannot get any less cramped. Thats all that I focused on this time. Maybe this time people will be satisfyed.


    1. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0000.jpg
    2. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0001.jpg
    3. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0002.jpg
    4. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0003.jpg
    5. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0004.jpg
    6. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0005.jpg
    7. koth_panzerstadt_a5a0007.jpg
  10. a4

    i listened to your feedback, so here are some small changes before i move into alpha

    -lowered all explosives sounds
    -removed explosive barrels near spawn, unnecessary
    -lowered explosive range
    -added a new plataform, dont know if they'll be useful
    -applied a few more textures
    -small detail changes

    thats it