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  1. Startacker!

    Vaccinator Tanks Prefab V1

    Created by Tumby and Izotope, these tanks from Calico are protected by a vaccinator shield that provide 100% resistance to bullet, blast, or fire. Comes with a credits txt and documentation per entity in the VMF! (Credit Tumby and Izotope for this asset if you use it in your map)
  2. Capp

    panzerville b3a

    This Little town has tanks to spare, and buildings to tear Thanks to: Contributors to the Frontline! Content Pack If Intersted, check out other projects of mine: GatorLake, Sequia
  3. rafradek

    Medieval Minceraft A13

    This medieval map was made using the map converter Stop the bomb carrier from capturing the main gate Features custom upgrades "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" is recommended to prevent medieval autorp I am also accepting custom missions made for this map, i would be thankful
  4. Dirtbomb

    72hr MY first SFM poster 2016-07-24

    This is the first SFM poster. I hope you guys like it :D