Overworks A3

It's been a long time.

  1. A3: It's Time to Make Some Big Decisions (Changes)

    • Added an accessible roof area with small health and medium ammo at last, to give some height advantage to Red, as well as a potential sentry or sniper spot
    • Made the roof of the full health and ammo shack at A accessible via climbable props
    • Replaced the steel wall left of the A point structure with a stack of crates. These can also be climbed, making for another potential sentry spot
    • Upgraded the medium ammo in the same area to a full
    • Moved B point to...
  2. A2 Fixes n Shiz

    • Fixed the ultra-bright lighting (compile mistake)
    • Cut off/reduced the power of some long sightlines
    • Made points A and B cap slower
    • Made C cap slightly faster
    • Made the capture zones for all control points slightly larger
    • Changed up the last point area a bit (see screenshot)
    • Fixed (shortened) Blu's respawn timers