Overworks A3

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Overworks A3

It's been a long time.

Been a while since I made a full-scale map. This time, it's attack and defense.

I like making asymmetrical maps more than symmetrical ones these days. For some reason, they feel easier to balance and rework because I don't have to mirror/rotate every change I make.

This map takes inspiration from Process and Gorge. It even has a dome prop!

20170814180356_1.jpg 20170814180416_1.jpg 20170814180426_1.jpg 20170814180445_1.jpg 20170814180509_1.jpg 20170814180528_1.jpg
First release
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. A3: It's Time to Make Some Big Decisions (Changes)

    Changelog: Added an accessible roof area with small health and medium ammo at last, to give some height advantage to Red, as well as a potential sentry or sniper spot Made the roof of the full health and ammo shack at A accessible via climbable...
  2. A2 Fixes n Shiz

    Changelog: Fixed the ultra-bright lighting (compile mistake) Cut off/reduced the power of some long sightlines Made points A and B cap slower Made C cap slightly faster Made the capture zones for all control points slightly larger Changed up...

Latest reviews

scale looks good layout too and omg i love the A point platform