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Operandi A7

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. Paper_
    After a long hiatus, I have returned...with a payload map.

    Alpine maps are pretty common, and Process/Gorge like maps are popular too, but I don't see payload maps with that specific version of alpine very often. Hence, Operandi.

    Special thanks to:
    -Yrzzy's locked door textures
    -The Frontline pack (mainly computers)
    -PoliteTim (aka Iron Doikles) and his advice

    20190729194309_1.jpg 20190729194005_1.jpg 20190729194259_1.jpg 20190729193933_1.jpg 20190729194202_1.jpg 20190729194244_1.jpg 20190729194341_1.jpg 20190729194446_1.jpg 20190729194423_1.jpg 20190729194717_1.jpg 20190729194529_1.jpg 20190729194516_1.jpg