Operandi A10

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.


    -Made some of the packs on A slightly bigger in RED's favor
    -Rerouted the (formerly) one-way route into B to start in the courtyard instead of under the bridge and removed the one-way element
    -Removed weird inaccessible balcony at B
    -Redid cliff area at C to be an extension of the B building with a door-sized window overlooking the general C area on the rocks
    -Adjusted which doorways unlocked when B was capped
    -Added second BLU forward spawn at C to make flow into D potentially...
  2. d


    -Adjusted geometry in main B room
    -Adjusted lower hallway from B to room that unlocks on B cap so the exit isn't in view of C
    -Changed flank building at C into outdoor cliff
    -Removed connecting catwalk to aforementioned cliff
    -Adjusted ammo on smaller, older cliff
    -Adjusted geometry diagonal ledge near C cap, added door directly up to this ledge that opens on cap C
    -Changed stairs in computer room behind aforementioned ledge to retract on cap C
    -Detailing adjustments
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  3. Been a while

    -Removed unnecessary spotlights, added spotlights in key areas to highlight particular routes
    -Reworked cameras so you can't spy on enemy as easily + added new camera for BLU at their first spawn
    -Changed staircase to medium ammo ledge at C into an outdoor pipe
    -Reworked weird metal battlements at C to be less weird and imposing on BLU's ability to push that area
    -Can't remember what else I changed lmao
    -Bruh moment
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  4. A Distinctive Lack of Dev Textures

    -No more dev textures
    -McJohn Power has been bought out by Wood Electric
    -RED's base no longer has anything to do with rockets or space
    -Window with missing window pane at A is now sealed shut
    -Point A now has a radio tower
    -C now has a satellite
    -Changed all control point names
    -Slight geometry, pack placement, and lighting tweaks
    -Changed glass textures for the 50th time
    -Added spectator cameras with actual cameras
    -Other stuff that I forgot lmao

    Screenshots (which will also...
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  5. Post-crash tweaks

    -Did some textures on B
    -Door to ramp room leading up to defense platform at A locks on cap C
    -Other things that I forgot and I'm in a hurry again lmao
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  6. Low playercount tweaks

    -Added pipe near bridge fence to emphasize that you can't go over the fence
    -Made chain fence in B building into one-way window favoring offense
    -Can't remember wtf else I did but I need to upload this thing quickly for the imp running as of uploading this update
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  7. Devilish Update (title not related to content)


    -Fixed some skybox brush-induced shadows
    -Adjusted glass textures to be more consistent
    -Adjusted some packs
    -Adjusted stairs and ramps

    -Removed hanging platform in Dropdown
    -Fixed part of a sign facing the wrong way

    -Made diagonal room in B yard into open rooftop
    -Completely locked room containing cart track after the capture point, merged it with room containing the computers right next to it
    -Made rooftop directly above aforementioned room into a...
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  8. didn't do A6 because i only really changed B and some other minor stuff

    -Adjusted cover in Beacon
    -Adjusted location of moving arrow sign on A
    -Added prop cover to bottom of bridge railing
    -Removed door from A alcove to B balcony
    -Completely opened door directly left of train gate
    -Added dropdown route from garage at BLU spawn yard to Under
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  9. B changes and others


    -Changed a bunch of window textures
    -Other minor aesthetic tweaks

    -Added textures to BLU spawn for shits and giggles
    -Made Beacon slightly larger and added a bit of cover props inside
    -Added arrow signs under bridge that somewhat block passage underneath the bridge that lower on cap A (you'd have to be actively disobeying the signs to get past them)
    -Added window looking into B yard from bridge alcove

    -General geometry tweaks (less catwalks, more indoors with...
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  10. Next-Day Tweaks

    -Removed weird dropdown door between A bridge and B yard
    -ACTUALLY fixed broken one-way door at B

    -Replaced board over static shutter at BLU spawn with hand signs
    -Added a couple of hydro arrow signs to make the two signs previously present in BLU's spawn yard less lonely
    -Door at B that opened on B cap now opens split sideways instead of downward, keeping consistent with the rest of the map
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