Operandi A14

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Just pumping this update out for Sandwhips's gameday tomorrow. Don't remember half the things I changed other than small routing and detailing changes, a piece of cover added outside BLU's first spawn, hopefully fixing the shutter door at C, and lighting adjustments. Hopefully it plays adequately enough.
I don't remember half the things I changed this version, but let's see how much I can remember.

-Adjusted lights to be warm or cool in certain areas (instead of flat white)
-Tons of detailing adjustments/additions
-Added a forward spawn for RED for just defending A
-Removed doorway connecting Last to A due to previous change rendering it unnecessary
-Changed ramp connecting crane room to pre-B courtyard into a dropdown w/ railing due to previous change, and to discourage BLU travel directly to RED's forward as well as encouraging RED travel through A before reaching BLU's spawn courtyard
-Added well shutter onto tracks after C that stays open once the cart gets near in order to block a sightline and discourage BLU travel into Last before C is capped
-Adjusted doorway near slightly open window at C to block another sightline
-Added dropdown passage from giant window room to deeper into Last

Probably want to test this iteration with minimal changes for a bit due to the length of time between A13 and the last playtest of this map.
Uploading A12 under a different filename due to a bug in TF2maps from the other day. That is all.
-Fixed skybox not having the sun in the right spot
-Detailing adjustments
-Added a few small arrows near the forward spawns
-Adjusted height of the middle door into the yard before B to make using the upper route into the yard more viable (RED has less visibility into the crane room now)
-Made windows at Beacon one-way opaque in favor of BLU
-The guac is extra
-Readded rollback zone to C
-Downgraded health in courtyard before B building
-Adjusted BLU's D spawn times

-Meant to fix skybox sun not lining up with the actual lighting but I'm lazy (ie I'll do it in A12)
-Updated lighting
-Fixed some solid lights to be nonsolid
-Made tons of walls (especially ones with windows) slightly thicker and less weird
-Slight geometry tweaks at A
-Removed dynamic door and doorway directly under the bridge entirely
-Redirected forward spawn in room under the Beacon building to aim more towards B (also because of aforementioned change)
-Removed dynamic doors from the entryways into B (except the train gate, that stays for now)
-Simplified geometry near RED's holding area at B
-Adjusted cover on highground at C
-Removed all of the dynamic doors from room immediately under highground and removed door perpendicular and next to the cart track entirely (might've done this last version but can't remember)
-Replaced weird "portal stairs" at computer room leading to D with regular stairs
-Replaced dropdown from Alphabet (room connecting D to A and C) with steep ramp decorated as a stationary akira elevator
-Simplified dynamic doors at Alphabet to be constantly open until their respective points are capped (instead of being Badwater shutters) and closed the two formerly partially open windows nearby
-Pushed rollback at D slightly closer to bomb hatch
-Removed weird glass walls near last to make things less cramped (and because they're no longer necessary due to aforementioned changes)
-Removed railing from Queens (room with giant window)
-Possibly more that I forgot lmao
-Made some of the packs on A slightly bigger in RED's favor
-Rerouted the (formerly) one-way route into B to start in the courtyard instead of under the bridge and removed the one-way element
-Removed weird inaccessible balcony at B
-Redid cliff area at C to be an extension of the B building with a door-sized window overlooking the general C area on the rocks
-Adjusted which doorways unlocked when B was capped
-Added second BLU forward spawn at C to make flow into D potentially better (becomes active 10 seconds after cap C to reduce chaos)
-One-way door from C to A (that locks on cap A) no longer unlocks on cap C due to aforementioned change
-Removed a spawn exit from first BLU forward spawn so to not lead players into dead ends (also due to aforementioned changes)
-Adjusted doorway into computer room leading to D to reduce peak angles in new forward spawn
-Replaced cart bypass stairwell at D with ramp from the full ammo to the upper level and a vent connecting where the bottom of the stairs used to be with the inset containing the bomb hatch
-Minor spawntime, detailing, and lighting adjustments

Main thread's screenshots will be updated, haven't updated them in a while.

-Adjusted geometry in main B room
-Adjusted lower hallway from B to room that unlocks on B cap so the exit isn't in view of C
-Changed flank building at C into outdoor cliff
-Removed connecting catwalk to aforementioned cliff
-Adjusted ammo on smaller, older cliff
-Adjusted geometry diagonal ledge near C cap, added door directly up to this ledge that opens on cap C
-Changed stairs in computer room behind aforementioned ledge to retract on cap C
-Detailing adjustments
-Removed unnecessary spotlights, added spotlights in key areas to highlight particular routes
-Reworked cameras so you can't spy on enemy as easily + added new camera for BLU at their first spawn
-Changed staircase to medium ammo ledge at C into an outdoor pipe
-Reworked weird metal battlements at C to be less weird and imposing on BLU's ability to push that area
-Can't remember what else I changed lmao
-Bruh moment
-No more dev textures
-McJohn Power has been bought out by Wood Electric
-RED's base no longer has anything to do with rockets or space
-Window with missing window pane at A is now sealed shut
-Point A now has a radio tower
-C now has a satellite
-Changed all control point names
-Slight geometry, pack placement, and lighting tweaks
-Changed glass textures for the 50th time
-Added spectator cameras with actual cameras
-Other stuff that I forgot lmao

Screenshots (which will also replace the outdated A1 screenshots):