Oceanside a4b

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Oceanside a4b

A 3cp map made for the Connect 5 Contest.

Formerly cp_cliffside. I changed the name because, thanks to this little tool, I found someone had already made a cp_cliffside.

The tagline says it all really. This is my first map I've actually released. The Connect 5 Contest gave me a direction and a deadline, so I said "Damnit, I'm actually going to release it this time!"

Here's the row I'm using for the contest:


There is also a moving train that patrols a shortcut from Red Last to Blu Last, if you're feeling lucky.

Thanks to:

Hopefully the feedback isn't too horrendous, as I think I'd like to see this one to more completion even after the contest has ended.
Sir Nick
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. I missed the upload by 30 seconds...

    Final upload before the deadline Changelog: Changed a bunch of lighting Changed the small ammo pack on top of mid to a medium Added killboxes just outside of train tracks
  2. Touch-ups Before the Deadline

    Changelog: Fixed various clipping issues found in playtesting Fixed being able to ride the train out of the map (hopefully) Adjusted the train hitbox to stop it from killing you by touching the side Changed one of the train cars to be a flat car...
  3. The "Fun Sized" Update

    Changelog: Reduced overall map size. A recurring complaint was that my map was over-scaled. I hadn't measured it out since it's early development, so after getting these complaints I decided to check again. Wow, was it oversized... Scaling it...

Latest reviews

Nice use of colors
There are now more issues in the map after this art pass, including a lack of obstacles near final capture points, and the visibility bug from the previous version still persists.
This map has potential, but lacks obvious detail and has some visibility issues when looking towards the train from the top of the middle control point (distant props are barely visible).