Oceanside a4b

A 3cp map made for the Connect 5 Contest.

  1. Sir Nick
    Formerly cp_cliffside. I changed the name because, thanks to this little tool, I found someone had already made a cp_cliffside.

    The tagline says it all really. This is my first map I've actually released. The Connect 5 Contest gave me a direction and a deadline, so I said "Damnit, I'm actually going to release it this time!"

    Here's the row I'm using for the contest:


    There is also a moving train that patrols a shortcut from Red Last to Blu Last, if you're feeling lucky.

    Thanks to:

    Hopefully the feedback isn't too horrendous, as I think I'd like to see this one to more completion even after the contest has ended.


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Recent Reviews

  1. FishyUberMuffin
    Version: a4
    Nice use of colors
  2. Jack5
  3. Jack5
    Version: a2
    There are now more issues in the map after this art pass, including a lack of obstacles near final capture points, and the visibility bug from the previous version still persists.
  4. Jack5
    Version: a1
    This map has potential, but lacks obvious detail and has some visibility issues when looking towards the train from the top of the middle control point (distant props are barely visible).