Oceanside a4b

A 3cp map made for the Connect 5 Contest.

  1. I missed the upload by 30 seconds...

    Sir Nick
    Final upload before the deadline

    • Changed a bunch of lighting
    • Changed the small ammo pack on top of mid to a medium
    • Added killboxes just outside of train tracks
  2. Touch-ups Before the Deadline

    Sir Nick
    • Fixed various clipping issues found in playtesting
    • Fixed being able to ride the train out of the map (hopefully)
    • Adjusted the train hitbox to stop it from killing you by touching the side
    • Changed one of the train cars to be a flat car (as suggested during playtesting)
    • Changed the train to always come from the side of the team that owns mid. This was suggested by 14bit as a way to...
  3. The "Fun Sized" Update

    Sir Nick

    • Reduced overall map size. A recurring complaint was that my map was over-scaled. I hadn't measured it out since it's early development, so after getting these complaints I decided to check again. Wow, was it oversized...

      Scaling it down meant:
      -Removing a building from mid, and scaling back the cliff accordingly.

      - Adjusting the remaining mid-buildings, including lowering the height of the sniper towers slightly for more ease of jumping into them....
  4. First playtesting suggestions and last point revamp

    Sir Nick
    • Overhauled last for both sides: Last was WAY too open before, as I hadn't made it a focus before I pushed a2. I am pushing updates quick to try and make this map as good as it can be before the Connect 5 Contest is over, so I pushed a2 out just to get some testing for the rest of the map. The new last point are much more dynamic and (hopefully) interesting.
    • Lowered health pack count: A common complaint for the last version was that there were just too many health...
  5. Oceanside

    Sir Nick
    Formerly cp_cliffside. I changed the name because, thanks to this little tool, I found someone had already made a cp_cliffside.

    I updated mid's gameplay a bit. The "Objective on a Bridge" section of the map wasn't really very obvious, so I made it more so. I also start a little on the 3D skybox (not finished), and added spectator cameras.
  6. Re-packed

    Sir Nick
    Re-packed the .bsp