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Mixing up a classic gamemode

  1. Sir Nick
    It may not be the first time this has been done, but here's my attempt.

    King of the Hill works really nicely for 6v6, but is a bit too hectic for a 12v12. To try and fix this, I've made a KOTH map with TWO control points. I hear what you're saying, "That's crazy, it will never work!" You're probably right. but I have to try.

    Each team will have to split their efforts to try and hold both points. The timer only go down when both points are held by a single team. To win, both points MUST be owned by a single team. This means overtime could potentially last a while. As such, the control timer has been reduced to 2 minutes.

    The upper point is a bit more open to favor jumping and ranged classes. The lower point is a bit more close-quarters to favor pyro and heavy.

    Let's see how it goes!


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  1. Walrus Wambagoni
    Walrus Wambagoni
    Version: a1a
    This is great. All of the gameplay is already perfect, except for some obvious problems that don't need playtesting like the time. Great map