Nuclide RC2

Isotope 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. The 'Slim' update

    • Added additional detailing to blue-side skybox
    • Clipping improvements
    • Minor detail improvements
    • Added radius heal to flag, simliar to what's seen in PD.
    • Removed damage resistance from flag carrier
    • Bug fixes
  2. The "Release" update

    • Added nobuild to area directly next to point
    • Drastically lowered respawn times
    • Added asymmettrical detailing for Blue last (thanks again pont!)
    • Clipping improvements
    • Health and ammo changes
    • Detail improvements

  4. The"Sky's the limit!" update

    • Added 3D skybox
    • Raised 'ceiling' at mid significantly
    • Raised the ceiling in the sewer areas
    • Detail revamp to the sewer-processing tunnel
    • Detail improvements to red processing (again)
    • Particle improvements to red processing deathpit
    • Added particles to blue processing deathpit
    • Other minor detail improvements
    • Time is now added upon capture (one minute)
    • Re-added damage resist buff (for flag carrier only)
    • Logic improvements
    • Removed elevator doors...
  5. The 'rush' update

    • Fixed multiple bugs
    • Clipping improvements
    • Improved route options in maintenance
    • Optimisation improvements
    • Probably some other stuff I forgot
  6. The 'oops' update

    • Fixed an issue causing some critical balance logic to not take effect
  7. The "Neato" Update

    • Detail pass on last (thanks pont!)
    • Detail pass on processing
    • Fixed flag resetting next to point on capture
    • Flag now activates 10 seconds after return, down from 30
    • Detail area added behind spawn
    • Fixed glass not shattering on round win
    • Revised major easter egg
    • Fixed teams not respawning instantly after capture
    • Added new mechanic: "Comeback crits"
    • Removed damage resistance from flag carrier
    • Flag carrier can now see their teammates though walls...
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  8. The "Miniature" Update

    • Slightly lowered respawn time
    • Fixed the instant respawn mechanic only respawning red
    • Clipping improvements
    • Lighting improvements
    • Lowered round time from 13 to 10 minutes
    • Minor detailing improvements
  9. The "Kinda weird" Update

    • Removed bananas
    • Smoothed displacements around the bridge
    • Reverted change to highground in lobby BUT made other changes
    • Moved small ammo kits at mid close to the main base entrance
    • Deathpits now kill instantly rather than over time
    • Replaced spray wall with environmental death counter
    • Added more easter eggs (including a MAJOR one)
    • Slightly lowered respawn time
    • Glass ceilings at final now (sometimes) break when a team wins
    • Added elevator shafts to tunnels...
  10. The "This took far longer than it should have" Update

    • Removed overtime
    • Removed central ramp to cap zone
    • Shifted the left exit from lobby into final, and added walls
    • Added a side-exit from service into final + a new small room to help
    • Revamped the geometry of final to be more angular
    • Raised ceilings in many interior areas
    • Added ceiling detailing in most areas
    • Lighting improvements
    • Removed several health/ammo kits
    • Clipping improvements
    • Revamped base exteriors at mid
    • Fixed end-of-round music playing later...