Nuclide RC8b

Isotope 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Optimisation update

    • Optimisation pass
    • Minor detail improvements
    • Adjusted respawn times
    • Bugfixes
  2. The 'Quiet' Update

    • Greatly lowered the volume of the mic easter egg
    • Changed the entry requirements of the mic easter egg
    • Lighting improvements
    • Logic improvements
    • Redid blue mid OOB detailing
    • Skybox improvements
    • Optimisation improvements
    • Bug fixes
    • Lofi
    Additionally, I found the original sketch I did for last almost two years ago. Surprising how little has changed.


    1. IMG_6836.jpg
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  3. The 'Explosive' Update

    • The Flag now Self-Destructs after 2 minutes of one team owning the flag.
    You're carrying highly volatile materials, you didn't think you could carry it around in a combat-heavy environment forever, did you?

    • Added an alert for when the flag is about to be captured.
    Teams are often blindsided when a lone scout runs past their defences, and capping without them even realising they were there. This alert should put teams more on the defensive, and keep them...
  4. New Year New Update

    • Removed railings in lobby
    • Detailing improvements
    • New dynamic spawn time system
  5. The "Pest" Update

    • Redid the detailing for reactors behind spawn
    • Bug fixes
    • Minor optimisation improvements
  6. The "Alternate" Update

    Back at it again with the Nuclide updates

    • Added new route into last
    This new route is (from the defender's perspective) to the left of the capture pit, and provides attackers a relatively safe area to prepare an attack and take out several of the strongest sentry spots. However, this route is accessed via a short vent route (that connects the upstairs office, new route, and the jumppad) that is quite tight and is easy to defend.

    This should shift the balance of last...
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  7. The "Surprising" Update

    Wow I'm really doing one of these each day huh?
    • Redid Red's OOB area near the main base entrance
    This area has suffered from a funky lighting issue for a while, so why not just remake it? So I did that. It's now also in 'map space' now, rather than the skybox. I may also do this for blue side later on, but probably not.

    • Revamped the route from pool > last
    This route was often unused apart from occasional flankers, so hopefully these changes make it a more...
  8. Uh oh again

    • Compiled with LDR
  9. Uh oh

    • Recompiled with tool brushes enabled
  10. The "Comeback" Update

    I'd been thinking about doing an update for a while, and now i've finally gotten around to it. Enjoy!

    • Removed elevator deathpits.
    While these were pretty fun, they turned the underground route from a sneaky flank into last into a claustrophobic, rather dangerous route. With these deathpits removed it should be a bit safer to move through.

    • Replaced ramp from 'underground > last' with a jumppad.
    The ramp itself was rather steep, and made it so a sniper...
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