NotQuiteDusk 2017-02-18

baby's first skybox

  1. medli20
    demo1.png demo2.png demo3.png demo4.png demo5.png demo6.png hi i'm medli and i like to paint sometimes so i tried making a skybox for the first time

    Not much to say about this-- I know it's far from perfect but if anyone has advice on how to make a better skybox in the future, it'd be highly appreciated. I've never made a seamless texture before, so even pointers on how to manage that in Photoshop CC would be fantastic \o/

    here are some lighting settings that (I think?) would work with this skybox. Again, I'm brand new at this, so if you know more about this than I do (which is likely), then please use your better judgement:


    Pitch Yaw Roll: 120 206 0
    Pitch: -25
    Brightness: 255 247 195 200
    Ambient: 255 247 195 200


    Pitch Yaw Roll: 120 206 0
    Sun Color 254 226 160
    Pitch: -25


    Pitch Yaw Roll: 120 206 0
    Primary Fog Color: 254 226 160
    Secondary Fog Color: 254 226 160
    Fog Start: 50.0
    Fog End: 10000.0

Recent Reviews

  1. MaxMartian
    Version: 2017-02-18
    I love how you painted the sky, it does fit TF2 well as I've thought.
  2. Shark!
    Version: 2017-02-18
    Very pretty!