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  1. ethosaur

    ennui_box v1

    I had a weird dream a bit ago that inspired me to make this map, it was some weird L shaped, big box, with weird rooms and stuff inside it, I liked the idea enough to try recreating it as another "weird" TF2 Map. I ended up adding a lot more room to it, and eventually started expanding areas...
  2. zoot!!!

    Killershack A3

    Dumb little recreation of Killer Shack from DBD. (Includes an edited .nav for bots in the download so please don't generate a new nav) Includes other tiles from the game.
  3. 14bit

    Microcontest #8: Thinking Inside the Box

    Welcome to Microcontest 8: Thinking Inside the Box Psst, hey! Attached is a .vmf that contains a 4096 x 4096 x 2048 cage made of skip brushes. Your job is to make a map that fits entirely inside that space. Everything, including skybox brushes, must fit in the box! You can do any mode, but only...
  4. The Siphon

    Jimi Jam Cereal Set 2018-07-28

    "Wish to have the taste of your favorite Jam in the morning? Introducing the new and limited JimiJam cereals! Delivering 120% of your daily sugar needs!" Made cereal boxes of JimiJam cereals. The models were made in Blender and ported to Source. They have 2 skins available (red & blue) and 2...
  5. Erk

    The Orange Box's 10th Anniversary

    The Orange Box's 10th Anniversary October 10, 2017 - TF2 Team (10th anniversary community mosaic image courtesy of TF2 subreddit) On October 9th, 2007, Team Fortress 2 was released to the world. Also some other games shipped too, in a game collection called The Orange Box, but between you...
  6. Tony Deiri

    King of The Box 2017-08-29

    King of the box is a simple 1v1 KOTH map. I would appreciate feedback on the map since it is my first map and i'm new to hammer. Yes, it has a skybox. Goldrush Skybox. This map will be in the workshop in the future.
  7. Scampi

    3d-Printable Toolbox 2017-08-06

    Take a look at the page for all the details. Basically, I took the toolbox model and made a 3d-printable version of it.
  8. medli20

    NotQuiteDusk 2017-02-18

    hi i'm medli and i like to paint sometimes so i tried making a skybox for the first time Not much to say about this-- I know it's far from perfect but if anyone has advice on how to make a better skybox in the future, it'd be highly appreciated. I've never made a seamless texture before, so...
  9. Scampi

    3D-printable Supply Crate 2017-02-11

    3D-printable supply crate: + Keyless entry + 54% less inventory spamming -100% reduced chance to receive items - No random critical hits
  10. hunterskills

    72hr Jam 2022 Solider loves his box 2016-07-22

    Hello, I make simplistic, understandable drawings of tf2 in an aggressive and constant ever-shifting tf2 world.
  11. cinemassacres

    is there a box map that i can download?

    just a simple box map