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Notice a4

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  1. a4 Release

    cp_notice_a4 is now out!
    Almost everything's different with this new version. A and B have been completely reworked due to gameplay issues. I've tried to make the new points less flat and a little more complex. The bridge area has been downsized significantly as well. I'm hoping this version proves to remedy the more serious issues of a3.
    A full changelog detailing changes made to areas that weren't completely reworked can be found below.

    Full Changelog:

    -Points A and B have been...
  2. cp_notice_a3

    cp_notice_a3 is now out! Thanks to everyone who playtested the map.
    This version will hopefully address some of the more egregious issues encountered during the playtest. The spawn times have been fixed (sorry about that), and BLU's forward spawns are no longer one-way.
    Some small tweaks have been made in response to some potential layout issues shown during the playtest, but I've decided to wait for a second playtest before doing any major changes, since the first was marred by the long...
  3. cp_notice_a2

    cp_notice_a2 changelog:
    -Added new route leading to A from construction
    -One of BLU's forward spawns has been raised to combat potential spawncamping
    -Cargo containers near bridge have been reduced to just 1 stack high
    -Metal barricades in B have been raised higher up
    -The wood fence construction-side of A has been replaced with a taller security fence
    -Health kit under bridge is now small
    -Players can no longer walk on top of the wall near the bridge ramp
    -Straightened up the doorway...
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