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CP Notice a4

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  1. woah

    woah L1: Registered

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    Notice - hey look a map

    A simple 2CP A/D map, set in a magical world with no displacements. The map is single stage.

    I'm new to mapping, so feedback and advice is appreciated.
  2. woah

    woah L1: Registered

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    cp_notice_a2 changelog:
    -Added new route leading to A from construction
    -One of BLU's forward spawns has been raised to combat potential spawncamping
    -Cargo containers near bridge have been reduced to just 1 stack high
    -Metal barricades in B have been raised higher up
    -The wood fence construction-side of A has been replaced with a taller security fence
    -Health kit under bridge is now small
    -Players can no longer walk on top of the wall near the bridge ramp
    -Straightened up the doorway entrance to the building near A
    -Cement blocks added onto the bridge for cover
    -Small modifications to the ramp in construction
    -A bit more prop detailing

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  3. woah

    woah L1: Registered

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    cp_notice_a3 is now out! Thanks to everyone who playtested the map.
    This version will hopefully address some of the more egregious issues encountered during the playtest. The spawn times have been fixed (sorry about that), and BLU's forward spawns are no longer one-way.
    Some small tweaks have been made in response to some potential layout issues shown during the playtest, but I've decided to wait for a second playtest before doing any major changes, since the first was marred by the long respawn times and very unbalanced teams.

    Full changelog:

    - RED and BLU spawn times reduced
    - BLU's forward spawns are no longer one way
    - Removed BLU's forward spawn balcony
    - When BLU caps A, a ramp will extend from the point to the highground to minimize the disadvantage of spawning in BLU's lower forward spawn
    - Modifications made to BLU spawn to eliminate dead space
    - Tightened up the walkway to bridge
    - Partially lowered ceiling in bridgehouse
    - Made the entrance from bridgehouse to A smaller
    - Reduced width of ramp leading from bridgehouse to A
    - Divider wall added to IT to reduce sightlines to/from construction
    - Reworked connector from point A to valley to eliminate an overpowered demoman spam angle
    - Widened some doorways in IT
    - BLU can now climb over a crate to get on top of the logs in yard
    - Added more health and ammo in valley for attackers to use
    - Raised the mid section of valley to decrease steepness of the valley-yard connector ramp
    - Moved the health and ammo in minihouse in B closer to the entrance
    - Minihouse's entrances have been widened
    - Attackers can now use a woodpile to climb over the large crates in B
    - Removed the highground on the side of B
    - RED spawn is now located off to the side of the platform in last and is further away
    - Barriers on the platform in B now provide less cover
    - Width of the platform stairs have been reduced
    - Disabled collision on all light fixtures
    - Added doorframes to IT
    - Removed one of the small platforms next to the ramp in construction
    - Removed a couple of pixelwalk spots
    - Added more func_nobuilds to props to remove some unintended sentry spots
    - More func_detailing

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  4. tyler

    aa tyler

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    Per my feedback in today's test, I recommend either restarting the map from scratch or beginning a new project. You are clearly good with Hammer, which can't be said of all new mappers, but there are so many issues with the current design that trying to address each area on its own won't really work. I encourage you to take what you've learned and use it to create something new, be that a spiritual successor to this or something else.
  5. woah

    woah L1: Registered

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    Thank you for the advice and kind words. While I realize the map is very flawed and can't be easily fixed, I feel like abandoning the map completely is the easy way out and that I still have a lot to learn before focusing on a new map. I think it would be much more beneficial to me to continue to use the feedback process to try and learn more about design and layout, even if the map itself has limited room for improvement.
  6. woah

    woah L1: Registered

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    cp_notice_a4 is now out!
    Almost everything's different with this new version. A and B have been completely reworked due to gameplay issues. I've tried to make the new points less flat and a little more complex. The bridge area has been downsized significantly as well. I'm hoping this version proves to remedy the more serious issues of a3.
    A full changelog detailing changes made to areas that weren't completely reworked can be found below.

    Full Changelog:

    -Points A and B have been completely redesigned

    -Simplified area around Bridge

    -Raised a few rooftops to decrease visibility

    -Changed scoring system to per-capture

    -BLU now has 1 large forward spawn instead of 2 smaller ones

    -Added a resupply locker to BLU spawn's second floor

    -Added some doorframes to BLU spawn

    -Lowered brightness of some lights in BLU spawn

    -Increased range on all resupply lockers

    -Decreased spawntimes for RED while defending A

    -Increased spawntimes for RED while defending B

    -Clipped the fences in Construction

    -Clipped off props in Construction

    -Added new connector to A in Bridgehouse

    -Bridgehouse to A entrance is now smaller

    -The Yard entrance to Shipping & Receiving is now one-way

    -Closed off alley

    -Increased the length of the house in Yard

    -Added route through the house in Yard

    -Added a fence to Yard to block a sightline from Rollout to B

    -Centered the logs in Yard

    -Removed a pallet in Yard

    -Yard to B entrance is now smaller

    -Simplified the underground path to B

    -Fixed underground entrance railings

    -Disabled collision on the intercom in Shipping & Receiving

    -Removed most info_observer_points

    -Aligned textures to face

    -More optimization

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