norfolk mc17

norfolk mc17 a2a

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  • Something not downloading? Download authors read this.
  • Added train watcher entity + adjusted cable car, hopefully better collisions will be had :)
  • Reduced fog a bit
  • Added more trigger_pushes and trigger_hurts to make the cable car less blockable.
  • Added nobuild to cable car and boxes at B.
  • Added a new jump pad + extended lower platform at B. This will hopefully make it easier for RED to get off the point.
  • RED Spawn jump pad now points to the side grates before A is captured.
  • Added arrows to point out where jump pads go.
  • Brightened A and B.
  • Moved BLU forward spawn to in front of point and made it much larger.
  • Adjusted connector between A and B staircase to reduce sightlines.
  • Adjusted a few more pieces of geometry to combat sightlines at B.
  • Changed setup gates to doors so they will open during FB round.
  • Various minor visual and geometry changes.


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