norfolk mc17

norfolk mc17 a2a

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norfolk mc17 a2a

Volcanic A/D 2CP

A volcanic 2-point Attack/Defense CP map for Microcontest 17. Ash rains down upon you and piles on the ground... featuring Earth - a working Cable Car! Wind - B is only accessible via Jump Pad, but don't worry, fall damage is disabled around it! And Fire - hazardous lava covers the ground below B.

It feels really good to spend time on an MC map and finish before midnight.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Cable Car Emergency Maintainence

    Added train watcher entity + adjusted cable car, hopefully better collisions will be had :) Reduced fog a bit
  2. Cable Car Routine Maintainence

    Added more trigger_pushes and trigger_hurts to make the cable car less blockable. Added nobuild to cable car and boxes at B. Added a new jump pad + extended lower platform at B. This will hopefully make it easier for RED to get off the point. RED...