Nectarine A3

Creme nectarine and montelimar

  1. Cap location changes, miscellaneous

    -Reduced spawn times
    -Lowered initial clock time from 5min to 4min30sec
    -Edited geometry of Blu's first spawn to make it easier for them to push out, and to make the walk to B slightly faster
    -Moved A back before where the rollback zone was (very experimental)
    -Reduced health and ammo in wooden building near A (from medium and large to small and medium, respectively)
    -Added small health and medium ammo to lower flank route near B
    -Moved B forward, past the enclosed space and towards the...
  2. Removing sightlines/general improvements

    -Shorted respawn times
    -Lowered one section in large red building before D and added solid railing to block sightlines
    -Added barrier on balcony in large red building before D, to compensate for the lower floor height in one section
    -Added 150-brightness light in red building before D to bring attention to flank route
    -Added props in red building before D to block sightlines
    -Changed yellow tape decorations between B and C to a dark red flat texture
    -Added fences in B area to block...
  3. !!!

    I'm an idiot. CompilePal packs/repacks the file in tf, not in your personal folder.

    @Umaroth-24, this should work now. You can check if you'd like.
  4. Figured out my packing issues

    So it looks like CompilePal packs your map after it is copied to the TF2 .bsp folder. I uploaded the .bsp from my .vmf folder.

    This version is also repacked, so that should help.

    @Umaroth-24, does this version work for you?
  5. Far Z Clip Plane, Hopefully Packed

    -Extended far Z clip pane to 8000HU (temporarily overkill)
    -(Hopefully) packed custom content

    @Umaroth-24, does this version work for you? If not, could you take screens of the missing content?
  6. Spawnroom bug fixes

    -Fixed spawnroom visualizers and various related bugs

    Thank you @Messing Around and @theatreTECHIE for alerting me to the issues present in A1.