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3-point map with a big hole in the middle

  1. squidbuddy
    Lying deep within the twisting web of crags and cliffs known as the Grand Canyon('s unimpressive neighbor, the Teal Crack), lies one of the largest deposits of gravel in the entire Midwest, give or take. For centuries, men have tried and failed to extract the precious ores from deep within the cavernous walls, and only two have succeeded. Now these men, specifically their armies of hired goons, are locked in an eternal conflict over this land and the precariously-perched mines on each side of this canyon. Most sane men would probably just take a 30 minute car ride around the canyon and sabotage the other's base via the unmanned entrance, thus avoiding the constant threat of plummeting to their doom. Most sane men live in Connecticut with a wife and two kids and lick stamps for a living, or have any other profession that doesn't involve killing people over gravel.

    These are not sane men.

    Indeed, it is their fate, nay, their
    destiny, to battle betwixt the canyon walls and risk falling to their painful deaths over their right to dig rocks out of other, slightly less valuable rocks. For that is the way of the Teal Crack.

    This is a 3-point cp map with a large gorge in the center point.

    This is part of a project for college to create anything using our prior knowledge within a semester. Any comments, advice, or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks go to:

    Arudon, for help in fixing glitches and for advice.
    Crafting, for letting me test this on his public server.

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