Milan A4

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Milan A4

Italian villa KOTH map

Bon giorno!


Koth Milan is a map designed after an Italian villa. I intended to make this map using the new Frontline mod. The map layout has multiple buildings connected by bridges and archways, giving a combination of indoor and outdoor environments. Any input on the map and what can be done to improve it would be hugely appreciated.

Note: I realize that the soundscape is not working right now, I am trying to resolve an issue that causes the map to crash, so please keep posted for the next update. I will be working on updating textures as well.

milan_a4_02.png milan_a4_03.png milan_a4_04.png milan_a4_05.png milan_a4_06.png
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Texture Update

    It's been a hot minute. After having to get a new computer due to my old, crappy one not having the space to handle rendering, I've finally made an update to Milan. This is just a basic texture addition with minor tweaking done in terms of...
  2. Updated version

    Added lighting, modified layout slightly, and optimized performance. There is still a few issues in terms of optimization, but I just wanted to update the newest version to be more playable.