Narpas72 a7a

3CP Domination with a focus on interesting points

  1. a7a

    Fixed LDR being fullbright
  2. a7

    The main change with this version is to the gamemode. Now, instead of all points always being unlocked, a point will lock once it's captured, and then unlock once another point is captured, so the most recently captured point is always locked. Also changed the waterfall at C a bit to hopefully work a bit better. Also also made a Standin-style CP version which can be found here
  3. Bringing things together

    We're back!
    I don't remember all of the changes, but here are the major ones:
    • Brought both A and C ~256 units closer to mid
    • Raised capture times on all points
    • Expanded cave route behind C a bit
    • Replaced blocked off railing areas at A with plateaus that you can rocket/double jump onto
    • Expanded spawns back so you no longer spawn in the door triggers
    Those should be the main ones
  4. A5

    Here are the changes for A5:
    • Remade some of B
    • Remade spawn areas (again)
    • Changed around respawn wave times
    • Once a team's timer is less than two minutes, the enemy timer will start ticking down an extra second faster
    • Changed some pickups
    • Reverted the oob area around A to how it was in a1, with a clip brush to the ceiling instead of a trigger push. This means that you can no longer jump over or into the foliage/fences
    • Signs pointing to the cap zones not in the spawn...
  5. A4

    Finally, here's version a4!
    • Remade the entire spawn area
    • Removed some pickups from around B to incentivize not camping there
    • Added a small health kit to the upper area in the connector to A
    • Added a small health kit on top of the medium health kit in the area between B and C
    • Added railings to the bridges at C
    • Widened C a bit
    • Added occluders to the deathpits at A
    • Added signage that points to the spawns
    • Removed railings at B
    • Added grates to see...
  6. a3a

    This map has been updated a bit since the last update I posted here, a2. Here's most of the changes since then I remember

    • Widened a bunch of areas
    • Removed a bit of cover and opened up some areas
    • Added signage
    • Added lettered icons to the caps on the hud
    • Changed respawn wave times to be more in favor of the losing team
    • Decreased amount of time off clock by owning all points to four seconds from five seconds
    • Some other stuff probably
  7. a2

    Some changes I'll cover later, just here to upload in time
  8. a1a

    Minor update:
    • Added fences to show where the end of the world is
    • Added small lighting
    • Added spectator cameras
    • Screenshots!
    dom_narpas72_a1a0000.jpg dom_narpas72_a1a0001.jpg dom_narpas72_a1a0002.jpg dom_narpas72_a1a0003.jpg