Namicott rc

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Namicott rc


My 72 hour contest entry.

A KotH map where the point is on a train that moves across the map. The train movement does not depend on point ownership or anything else - it just goes back and forth through three different areas, pausing at each end. To prevent sightline along the track from being too powerful, there are doors between the areas that automatically close off the area that the train is not in.

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King of the Hill

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Latest reviews

I've always absolutely loved this map, and the concept of the hill moving around was unique and not something I saw too often among KOTH maps. I also like the large doors that open and close as the hill train moves through them. It has a great layout too which is fun to play on.

The only thing I didn't like about this map is how I feel it invalidates Engineer's class role. You have to move your buildings constantly in order to be effective, which is rather irritating as the hill is moving constantly. I suppose the same can be said for a lot of maps/gamemodes though. Lovely map!
Very interesting gimmick and the map does a good job guiding unfamiliar players, fun to play from time to time.