Former Cornfield

Former Cornfield rc

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Former Cornfield rc

By Sergis

No dynamic koth. No gimmicks. No experiments. No textures in alpha. Not even an actual corn field. Just the good old standart King of the Hill.

Originally this map was called Cornfield Meet and looked like an alpine Namicott without the train. The map didn't work too well and I didn't really like essentially cloning a map, even one of my own, so I deleted everything but the skybox and started afresh. Usually I build my maps with some sort of more or less unique idea behind them, which helps me to name the map, but in this case I had an abstract layout in a .vmf that still had the old name and I couldn't come up with a good name so I just named the map Former Cornfield. I've had some better ideas since then but now I'm kinda used to the name so I guess I'm keeping it
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King of the Hill

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