mvm_yiresa Rc4


  1. Moving abroad

    A load of bugfixes, dead exploits and additions.
    As well as conditioning for random players.

    RC4 now includes:
    Custom split side icons by Lite
    Fixed robo pathing, removal of robot stuck spots, (Thank you Herple Nerp!)
    More tags on navigation triggers. (Thank you Herple Nerp!)
    Split sides being less exploitable
    The removal of a game breaking wave reset bug for split sides.
  2. RC2

    •Big changes to last, More cover and advantages for red team
    •Changed blue side to be more player favored
    •Added teleport for bot spawns when a point is capped. (Should catch any late spawning bots)
    •Added triggers to push bots out of stuck spots
    •Added collision to one way doors.
    •Added more health and ammo to blue capture zone, and red last.
    •Added Money collection zones to robot spawns.
  3. Tweaks

    • Fixed several lighting bugs
    • Aligned all unaligned robot holograms
    • Moved tutorial blackboard to the upgrades station
    • Fixed robot debug teleporters (If you knock a robot on the wrong side of the map, they are returned to spawn)
    • Fixed robot stun filter trying to stun players
    • Fixed capture points still sounding an alarm after captured
    • Added a sound for when the robots are un-stunned
    • Tweaked kill pit triggers to be slightly lower
    • Blocked money being lost in the tank barricade