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  1. PigPig
    Yiresa is a multi sided map with a single capture point for each side. The map consists of dynamic elements attempting to keep the gameplay fresh by giving robots tools to destroy good holds, forcing players to make the decicion between falling back or dying. The map is set in a conjoined blue and red base surrounded by a rocky landscape in the vibrant heat of new-mexico.Rounds are either on blue side or red side, This can change based off what wave you are playing during what mission.The map also consists of 30 second tank doors. If a tank gets close to one of these doors, it will trigger the door to stay open for the alloted time. (Watch out, they do bite!)This punishes players for not dealing with tanks before they trigger the door, allowing the robots through the floodgates. It was a blast making and playtesting this map, now its time for the public to see it, Enjoy!


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