mvm_yiresa RC5a

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mvm_yiresa RC5a


Yiresa is a multi sided map with a single capture point for each side. The map consists of dynamic elements attempting to keep the gameplay fresh by giving robots tools to destroy good holds, forcing players to make the decicion between falling back or dying. The map is set in a conjoined blue and red base surrounded by a rocky landscape in the vibrant heat of new-mexico.Rounds are either on blue side or red side, This can change based off what wave you are playing during what mission.The map also consists of 30 second tank doors. If a tank gets close to one of these doors, it will trigger the door to stay open for the alloted time. (Watch out, they do bite!)This punishes players for not dealing with tanks before they trigger the door, allowing the robots through the floodgates. It was a blast making and playtesting this map, now its time for the public to see it, Enjoy!
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Nobuild FIx

    Fixed nobuild
  2. Brushing up

    Added signage to more clearly communicate what side is disabled Removed a TON of clutter Fixed clipping in some areas Optimization near last Removed unintentional rocks by grinder Fixed lighting on tank door being funky on the inside Added...
  3. Moving abroad

    A load of bugfixes, dead exploits and additions. As well as conditioning for random players. RC4 now includes: Custom split side icons by Lite Fixed robo pathing, removal of robot stuck spots, (Thank you Herple Nerp!) More tags on navigation...

Latest reviews

Yiresa has the replay factor I always wanted to see in an MvM map. The map didn't feel repetitive because waves swapped sides and layouts (BLU/RED). It reminds me of mvm_memorial having a new layout mid-game, which is criminally rare to see. It gives a feeling of progression and a mini-campaign switching to a tougher side, or just for variety.

I finally got the opportunity to find a server hosting it with the TF Creators mvm event and completed the Mesa Malware advanced mission there. I had a few critiques as a new player:

* I struggled understanding that robots had dropdown paths (ex. BLU side past the CP). Dropdowns are rare in mvm layouts, and it doesn't help it was a sharp corner that forked to another path. I would have liked the holos closer together and angled slightly to discern a turn.

* I struggled understanding what the yellow holograms meant, but I did learn after reading the chalkboard (that players are unlikely to read). I think giving the holo icon a glowing gatebot hat on the Soldier would help simplify this further.

*I struggled with the tank hologram too, mistaking the gate next to it as the robot spawn on RED side. I'm not used to looking at what the hologram actually says, and since it looked similar enough to the regular path holo (same color/shape) I figured it must be the robot spawn. I think a different shape, like a circle, would be enough for the player to question what the hologram is for, not rely on preexisting knowledge (that would be inaccurate).

Yiresa takes a lot of coordination and self-proficiency (including your teammates) I'd say because of the no-mans land design at the front, and your only cover is retreating. This gets stressed with Tanks and armored robots (Giants, Steel Gauntlets) pushing you back, maybe enough to cap a forward spawn. You need to know where to apply pressure, not just throw everyone at the same place, since robots and Tanks can go in separate directions with different goals. They want to plant the bomb, cap the point, and the Tank opens a shortcut if it gets too far.

Because you need to learn two layouts on top of the initial confusion of what routes open, where the CP is, where the robots even go, I see Yiresa as a hardcore map. I like how the starting areas are difficult to hold with multiple entries for robots, so 90% of the map isn't irrelevant like what often happens in Mann Up.
It's not a map you pick up and play, you really have to sink your teeth into its strategy.

It's not just what weapons and upgrades you buy, it's when do you retreat? How do you keep track when the gatebots come in, how do you keep the bomb safe from sneaky rushers? Should you focus this Tank or trust your teammates can handle the boss themselves? I had a lot of moments deciding where I needed to be most and apply my class role, my team was counting on me to Tank bust or to watch the gatebot flank, or bomb hatch. MvM maps need this kind of decision making again.

I like that Yiresa isn't just another MvM map where the same strategies, upgrades, and loadouts don't change, it takes a risk trying new ideas and themes. Like I found myself using the Widowmaker and Frontier Justice to protect myself against the Spies with Tomislavs, where the Rescue Ranger wasn't cutting it. Money was tight, so mobility, defense, and sustainability upgrades were carefully chosen per team and playstyle. And each area has a tradeoff, like a shelf life for how long it will hold before your team is pushed back. I like this ebb & flow rather than the expectation for teams to hold the front of the map the whole game.

Maybe this won't be a favorite for general audiences like how people complain Steel is too confusing for 10+ years. But just like Steel, this has a ton of depth for co-op play while maintaining all-class viability.
It's a really pretty map and I really like the idea of splitting sides like this map does. And that's about all the positive I have to say about it.

Because under the pretty aesthetics is a really broken and flawed map. Just about every possible elevated location lets Engineer build Sentries where Busters can't reach them, there's some navigation issues and sometimes bots get stuck in the closed doors, the HUD icon for the control point breaks when trying to display capture progress because the HUD gets confused about two control points sharing the same icon, so it's not sure which of the two is being contested.
And there's a door that opens upward despite looking like it'll open sideways??
>Just about every possible elevated location lets Engineer build Sentries where Busters can't reach them.
This was a bug and is now fixed.

>There's some navigation issues and sometimes bots get stuck in the closed doors
List the doors please, so I can fix them.
Bots delay when reading tank door changes. Even after calling recompute blockers. shrug.

>And there's a door that opens upward despite looking like it'll open sideways??
save edicts :^) you only see them open when you shouldn't be there, also saves time and effort.