72hr Muddy_72 a3

oh yeah I made a map as well

  1. Muddy
    My other entry for the TF2Maps.net Summer 72hr Jam of 2016. It's a single-stage, two-point A/D map with a Granary theme. Definitely not my best work but, hey, not my worst either.

Recent Updates

  1. cp_muddy_72_a3
  2. reuploading due to download issues
  3. cp_muddy_72_a2

Recent Reviews

  1. Kreg
    Version: a2 (reuploaded)
    With a little bit of work this could be a really solid map. Keep it up Muddy
  2. Billo
    Version: a2 (reuploaded)
    looks quite good
    with some changes i believe it would be awesome and competitive