Mountain Edge - Stage 1 v9.2

the map is still set on a freakin' mountain!!!!

  1. hotfix, wow again - v9.2

    v9.1 was deleted something
    - clipped some detail trims
    - fixed vehicle not working on 3d skybox
    - and stuff i forgot
  2. Version 9 - V9

    - artpass ..(i think)
    - changed the RESPAWN waves for both teams, again
    - changed the skybox, for the third time
    - changed a couple of trigger_push around last
    - made the payload ramp wider on last
    - the building on the middle of the map no longer go poof out of thin air
    - replaced the nodraw textures in BLU spawn
    - made the One Way door into 'BLU Door'. No reds allowed, Blus allowed
    - added 3 small health pickup
    - added a sign for the BLU spawn

    - added a useless wood floor on the payload...
  3. Version 8 - V8

    - The mountain had a bad weather, its going to rain, idk lol
    overcast weather
    - artpass
    - Fixed another broken displacement
    - Fixed mercs pixel walking on window props
    - Fixed Red spawn prop fading
    - Pushed back the RED Spawn
    - BLU Spawn 'Improvements'
    - Removed the insane payload rollback near B
    - Added a Payload Rollback after the Payload Checkpoint A
    - Added a window in BLU Spawn
    - changed some stuff on the flank route
    - changed the respawn waves [after BLU Caps A]
    - changed...
  4. fix - V7

    - Bit of artpass - cliff and stuff lol
    - Fixed a couple of broken displacement
    - Fixed mercs getting stuck on some area
    - Fixed clipping
    - Added a new Door in flank routes, BLU can open it
    - Made the door on the 'flank' route one way
    - Changed the skybox, this is temporary
    - Improved the stair on first blu spawn area
    - removed the overlay of funny face soldier and engineer smiling
    - and stuff i forgot
  5. Artpass and stuff - V6

    - Artpass half of the map
    - Added a temporary 3d skybox [taken from A14 of the original map]
    - Fixed displacement issues
    - stuff and i forgotten
  6. hotfix wow - V5.1

    - Fixed visible nodraw on the celling
  7. Version 5 - V5

    - Artpass ..not a bit
    - Fixed the weird shadows [temporary fix]
    - Fixed the visible stairs, THIS TIME
    - Fixed broken Player Clips
    - Changed the map lighting
    - Changed some stairs stuff
    - Changed the Respawn waves, again
    - Added a little bit of wall around Payload Checkpoint One
    - and stuff i forgot
  8. Version 4 - V4

    - Artpass a bit
    - Added a tunnel route near RED Spawn
    - Added occluders for optimization
    - Adjusted the Respawn Waves for both teams
    - Fixed the stupid shadows
    - Fixed the clipping that makes players not fall off a cliff
    - Moved the Payload start area
  9. Artpass and stuff - V3

    - A little bit of artpass
    - Adjusted the respawn waves [second checkpoint spawnwaves]
    - Added a tv that plays music for the blu team
    because Waiting for the Set-up time to reach 0 is just idk
    Added a counter flank for the red at last
    you have to do a jumps
    - Added some covers
    - changed the displacement terrain thing a bit
    - changed the stairs
    - changed the "right side cliff stairs" path
    - changed the BLU Spawn points
    - changed the highground blu...
  10. Version 2 - V6

    - added new paths for BLU team
    - added a high ground for the BLU team at last
    - added fall scream triggers
    - added a rollback zone on the final cap
    - Changed the last payload cap hologram [it was decreasing fps]
    - Changed both Team's idiotic Respawn waves [2nd cap only]
    - Changed the crit kill trigger to fall
    - Changed the Payload Rollback Speed
    - improved BLU Spawn trapdoor
    - stuff i forgot