Mountain Edge - Stage 1 v9.2

the map is still set on a freakin' mountain!!!!

  1. ABpriceHI45
    Stage 1 only, stage 2 is now yet made lol..
    Inspired off Valve's unfinished map: Cactus Canyon
    old version:

    Custom Stuff Credits:
    Skybox by ABpriceHi45 [Thats me!!]
    One Way Sign
    TF2 2007 Holograms [ported to tf2 without replacing the current holograms]
    Striped Window
    Radio on BLU Spawn
    Beam Textures

    Other custom credits stuff

    Special thanks to;
    A Boojum Snark's gametype library
    Blade x64 for the skybox tutorial
    and everyone who made custom content for the tf2 mappers


    1. leveloverview.png
    2. 1.png
    3. 2.png
    4. 3.png
    5. 4.png
    6. 5.png
    7. 6.png
    8. 7.png
    9. cow.png

Recent Updates

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  3. Version 8 - V8