More Vehicles

More Vehicles V6 Fix

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Just a fix for the latest version, as it was causing errors with maps using old versions of the models.
From now on the new models are under 'props_vehicles/morevehicles' so they don't conflict with the older ones in 'props_vehicles/more_vehicles'.

All the names are still the same so just remove the extra _ from the file path in hammer and you're all good. To avoid confusion I'd recommend deleting any old versions and use the newest fix.

Other small changes include texture tweaks and a fixed collision on the Executive's wheels.
This one has been a while in the making, its taken quite a long time as I've worked on it off-and-on over the past 2 years, also because I'm lazy but no matter. This update has (nearly) every single model redone and all textures improved as well as adding some new models. Far too many changes to list each one but the most notable being:

- All models now use normal maps properly
- The old Executive model is gone and replaced with a new facelift
- All cars have fancy trims and other body improvements
- Some models have new brown skins
- All LODs have been redone by hand instead of being made automatically

This update brings 7 new vehicles

- Imperial LeBaron
- Chevrolet Bel-Air
- Pontiac Chieftain
- Checker Sedan
- Ford F1 Pickup Truck
- Ford 850 Super Duty Truck
- Snowplow

There are many more I'm still working on but decided to cut for later inclusion since this update is already way overdue.

Please let me know if theres any errors or bugs.
I didn't update the version string, meaning the new version didn't upload. Whoops! All should be good now.
- Forklift has had a update, has a new green skin and a new version called forklift_static, see zoo .vmf for more info.
- Golfcart has been updated.
- Trucks and trailer have been updated again, hopefully for the last time.
- Executive has had a very minor roof adjustment
- Readjusted lights on the back of the pickup + texture edits.

Sorry this update isn't anything special, but don't worry, there are still more new models to come, expect to see some changes to the Fleetwood down the line and stay tuned for the next update!
- Fixed texture error on truck_cab
- Changed back tires on all truck cabs
- And thats about it
Finally, after like 6 months of doing nothing here's the next update for More Vehicles! I've added a bunch of new vehicles and updated a few old ones. Please let me know if there's any issues with LODs, phys, textures, etc, and enjoy!
On this episode of more vehicles, I've added the golf cart from the 72hr jam. I've removed the golf bags so I can be used for more than just golf. I fine that the demo's golf bag cosmetic fits on the back nicely.

Also I've done a few changes to the truck cab, and given it an army skin, so that all cool.
More to come soon!

Its been a little while and after lots of fiddling and changes, I've finished the truck and trailer. This is a modular model with 5 pieces so you can pose the truck however you like. Info for the model is on the overview.
Let me know if there's any issues, thanks!

Added the Executive, a fancy stylized urban car, and the not so successful competitor to the Chairman. Next vehicles will be the truck and snowplow. Please let me know if there's any issues with the download.