More Vehicles V4

A (soon to be) collection of vehicles for TF2

  1. Added the Golf Cart

    On this episode of more vehicles, I've added the golf cart from the 72hr jam. I've removed the golf bags so I can be used for more than just golf. I fine that the demo's golf bag cosmetic fits on the back nicely.

    Also I've done a few changes to the truck cab, and given it an army skin, so that all cool.
    More to come soon!

  2. Added the Truck

    Its been a little while and after lots of fiddling and changes, I've finished the truck and trailer. This is a modular model with 5 pieces so you can pose the truck however you like. Info for the model is on the overview.
    Let me know if there's any issues, thanks!

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  3. Added the Executive

    Added the Executive, a fancy stylized urban car, and the not so successful competitor to the Chairman. Next vehicles will be the truck and snowplow. Please let me know if there's any issues with the download.