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  1. KrazyZark

    KrazyZark's vehicle pack part 2 V1

    Making a new car pack for vehicles that I finish in 2021 and 2022 right now I have about 3 models that finished but untextured, so there will be more added soon. Current vehicles in this pack are: 1965 Mercedes Benz Pullman Limo 1973 Ford A series Unfinished ones include: 1971 Holden Monaro...
  2. Argo

    koth_vehicle_example A11

    Combined-arms warfare in TF2 created with map logic! Disclaimer: Currently this example is less-than-suitable for online play due to optimisation issues, but can still be tested offline with bots or online with a friend or two. I'm still keeping this uploaded as an "open source" resource...
  3. D.C.V.

    Asian Vehicles v5b

    Hello again TF2 mappers, I'm the guy who made the Hatchback model. So I made 5 vehicles for TF2 maps in Asia. So I will put the list of the models that I completed. 1. keicar (4 door CityCar) The reference: 1971 Honda Life. 2. keicar2 The reference: 1972 Mazda Chantez 3. keitruck The...
  4. Bri

    Bri's Retrofuturistic Vehicle Pack 1.0

    Hi. I am relatively new here and uploading this for a peer to use, so the formatting on here won't be pretty. This is a three pack of workshop vehicles that I made for the SFM workshop. This pack includes: The Dosh Galore (as seen in Heavy is Dead) The Sweeper The Baby Bee Each folder has a...
  5. FGD5

    More Vehicles V6 Fix

    More Vehicles to use in your TF2 maps IMPORTANT Delete the old "FGD5_More_Vehicles" folder from your custom folder before installing to ensure all updated models and materials show up correctly! Only include the skins you use in your map to reduce your file size! Texture errors may be caused by...
  6. Rissy

    Travel Trouble 2018-07-28

    Small description: Yep, this is my first project made for this contest. Maybe it`s not so well done poster, but still looks pretty good. Made in 7 hours using Hammer World Editor for geometry of the poster, SFM for main details and the Photoshop for polishing. Content used: -Model of Cosmich on...